When there has been a deep or profound opening, everything that is unlike itself will come into view. When there is an opening to love, everything that is the opposite of that comes in to be seen and to be held in that love.

It is not here as a punishment, it is not here because you’ve done something wrong. It is here to be seen and held in the lightness of being — which is the same as love — because every thing yearns to come home. The fear yearns to come home, the rejection yearns to come home, everything that you can name as an energetic experience yearns to come home to source. The source is the open spaciousness of being — which is the same as love.

Your job is to be that open space which allows it to come home. It is arrogant and unkind to reject the energy that wants to come home to itself as love in you. An unloved energy has no other way to come home — it can only do that through the portal of conscious awareness. And only you have the capacity for meeting it there and welcoming it home.


A chair can’t be a portal for love, because the chair hasn’t developed the capacity for conscious awareness. Only you as a human being have the capacity for self-reflection and therefore can be conscious of what has been trapped in the shadows of unconsciousness. When there has been an opening — either in a deep state of meditation, or with the support of a psycho-spiritual practice, or in the presence of profound beauty — whatever was previously unloved has the opportunity to come home. It knocks or pounds or bangs on the door of your heart. If you meet its energy with fear, you will experience a closure. But if you welcome it, it dissolves back into the infinite consciousness whence it was born.

So to be that open space — come what may — is an act of kindness, an act of love, an act of service.