To be liberated is to be let loose, no longer tied down by definitions and characteristics, no longer at the mercy of the tight shell of personality.

To be liberated is to be permeable, allowing all nuances of the human story to flow in and out of experience without any stickiness.

You are no longer an extrovert or an introvert, you simply respond according to the relevance of the moment. You are no longer a type A or type B, you are no longer looking for yourself in a system that describes you or limits you to a list of unconscious patterns, you are no longer finding yourself in the confines of self-hood. You are much vaster than any behavior or trait, much more fluid than any description.

Of course this is not always so, as conditioning can be deeply embedded and takes time to unravel itself in the light of consciousness. And there is a sacred geometry into which we are born, that can never be fully erased. But when unconditioned awareness becomes the unshakable foundation of being, every hook and rope that ties you to the matrix of ego-defined personality comes undone.

All that is left is a fragrance of the tight knot of self that once was searching to know itself, now no longer seeking to find out “who I am” but instead having fallen open into the mystery of openness itself.

To be liberated is to be untethered, like a whisper in the night sky. And in this, you are no longer even the whisper … but the night sky itself.

~ Amoda Maa

(image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay)