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Standing at the fork in the road, dazed and bewildered. What happened to the world we knew? What happened to the ground we stood on? What happened to reality?

The road ahead, so uncertain now. The ground beneath us, so ready to crumble. Our vision, so clouded and nothing seems real.
Did we go to sleep and wake up in a virtual reality game with new rules? Did we go to sleep and get lost in a nightmare?

And yet there is a road right under our feet, a road that splits in two right where we stand, a road that forces us to make a choice. Do we choose fear, or do we choose love?

Do we choose to be pulled into the undertow of drama, to drown in a sea of conflicting thoughts, to take for reality the ever-morphing scenery that passes before our eyes?

Or do we choose to be seated in our true sovereignty as the presence that cannot be shaken, to be anchored in an open awareness that cannot be contaminated by the pantomime, to stand as love in the face of the world burning down?

For as we remain open and strong as love not fear, we will watch the veils part. We will witness the dying contortions of all that was built on control and greed, we will witness the grief in our hearts as we come to see how we gave our authority away, and we will dance on the embers in anticipation of the rebirth.

And as we dance silently, we are patient. We wait for the dismantling to be completed, we wait for the regeneration to come from deep within, we wait for the phoenix to rise from the ashes. And we witness a new world being born.

Now is the time, my friend. To stand at the fork in the road, and choose that which your deepest heart knows to be true. Not your wishful thinking, or your hope or your fluffy imagination. But the deepest truth you were born into, the remembrance of your sole purpose of being here — in this moment, in this unprecedented shift in all that you thought was real and all that you thought was the ground upon which you stood but that really was a mirage.

Now is the time, my friend. To dance lightly in the midst of the unwelcome, and to envision a new world born from a new consciousness — that consciousness is you, that consciousness is the end of fear in you, it all revolves around you. This is the time to be magnificent, to be resilient, to be a light unto yourself and unto the world.

And only when you know yourself as this light, will you be able to build the world on new ground. A ground in which you never again abandon yourself, never again forget your true authority, never again go to sleep and dream that the matrix was real.

This is your life, my friend. Wake up and be free!

(image by lisa runnels from Pixabay)

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First published 08/24 on Facebook.