We are in the midst of a great reset. A time to pause, even though everything seems to be hurtling at a zillion miles per hour. A time to reflect, even though the world constantly pulls us to the surface. A time to remember, even though we are fragmented by clashing opinions, conflicting information, and violent ideologies.

My friend, this is not an error. The turbulence we find ourselves in is not a mistake. The seeming falling apart of our world is not something to wail about. And we are not victims in this, unless we fail to rise up to the call of our times.

We are — each of us — here because we incarnated to witness this great juncture in humanity. And to play our part in the rebirth. We are here, not to roll over and die but to rise up and remember that who we are is so much more than the material shell of the body, so much more than the terrorized ego, so much more than the scenery we cling to or attempt to reject. Because that’s what the great reset is about — returning to the divinity of our true nature. By recognizing that what appears as “my life” is a movie on the eternal and ever-present screen of awareness — and by recognizing this over and over again, come heaven or hell — we replenish our inner resources and restore our wholesomeness.

For what is happening now is simply the inevitable result of having moved away from the source — the one being-ness that animates us all. It’s the inevitable outcome of having worshipped false idols and turned away from the only true goodness and god-ness within our very being.


So it is time to regenerate ourselves, to recharge our batteries by withdrawing our allegiance from the falsity of the collective matrix, to reset ourselves into the remembrance of open awareness as our true sovereignty. Because it is from open awareness that we can move intelligently in the world. But before we move, we must be still inside. So still, that we can hear the gentle whisper of love’s intelligence. So silent, that we can embrace the fullness of life as it fulfills its purpose in every in-breath and out-breath. So deeply rooted in our essence, that we can bend and sway like a tree in the wind and yet never be broken. So fully here in the inner sanctuary of our alive presence, that no thought virus can enter.

My friend, it is time to be free — to know your true nature as freedom, to be liberated from the matrix of the world. And to stand as a warrior of truth and love, and all that is good and whole. My friend, this is not a time to panic. This is the time to be patient — and to watch the old burn away. Out of the ashes will be born the new, these are the great cycles of time. Be the one who frees the world from your worry, the one who frees the world from your grasping, the one who frees humanity from your dream of what should be happening.

My friend, I am here to befriend you — to hold your hand gently as you unravel your fears and open your heart to the well of tenderness and wild beauty that’s been hidden for millennia.

My friend, I am here to be a bridge — from this world to the next. Let’s walk together, the time is now.

(photo by Derek Sears on Unsplash)


  • This piece was published yesterday on Facebook