First posted on Wordpress April 2018

To rest in silence, to know yourself as silence, and to move from silence .. this is the path of the true warrior.

A true warrior is not at war with anyone or with the world – there is no aggression, no violence, no enemy.

If you are true warrior, even when someone comes along that attacks or wants to hurt you or kill you, you act from a position of silence .. an open heart without hate or judgment. You are neither a victim nor an oppressor.

And this action may mean you do nothing, but stand as openness and allow your head to be sliced off. Or it may mean you stand as openness and slice off his or her head.

This is the path of the samurai warrior. It is tender and dignified, vigilant and yet without agenda.

Whether you are attacked by your friend, your family, your partner, your boss, your neighbor, a facebook troll, or the world .. stand as a true warrior and be free of inner division.

When you are free of inner division, you stop polluting the world with violence.

– Amoda Maa