That which is already awake in you (awakeness itself) seeks you as much as you seek awakeness. The impulse of consciousness to know itself as the totality of you is as great as the impulse of your innermost desire to seek the freedom of unbounded consciousness. Both of these impulses are evolutionary processes: one is the outward movement from formlessness to form, the other is the inward movement from form to formlessness. Together, they are the expression of consciousness attempting to become awake to itself.

At the absolute level, consciousness is already awake. It is fully alive in its pristine awakeness as formlessness. But as it descends into the relative level, it easily gets lost in the identification with form. You, with your capacity for self-reflection, are the portal through which consciousness can become aware of itself. You, with your capacity to choose where attention goes, are responsible for consciousness returning to itself. When the dream of separation becomes unbearable, and you have the courage to honestly say you have had enough of suffering, then awareness has the possibility to turn back in on itself and recognize the deeper dimension of formlessness that exists prior to all forms.

When you become fully aware of that which is inherently awake in you, not only are you liberated from identification with form, but so is consciousness. In this way, consciousness evolves through you as you. This is why your 'yes' plays such a crucial role in the future of all life. You as the “I” you think you are doesn’t matter one iota. But you as the awakeness revealed through form absolutely matters!

If you are finally willing to say an unequivocal 'yes' to this invitation to awaken, a new consciousness and a new humanity is born in this very moment.

~ Amoda Maa
(from her book "Embodied Enlightenment")