From the forthcoming book: Falling Open in a World Falling Apart
Published October 2020


The unbounded, infinite openness of the innermost—the depth of the heart—is pure. There is a natural wholesomeness, a natural clarity.

When this moves into your life, it purifies the expression of your human vehicle. It doesn’t make you a “perfect person,” in the sense of conforming to your image of perfection. But it does clean up your thinking and your feeling, because it purifies your nervous system which has been encrusted with reactivity. When the nervous system is purified—when it calms down— everything comes into right alignment. There’s a relaxing of defenses. There’s a relaxing of trying to get more love or more power or more recognition or more self-worth from anyone or anything. In this relaxation, you come home to yourself.

Does this change the circumstances of your life? Does it change the experience of loss or hardship in life? Most probably, some situations in your life—certain relationships or activities that uphold and strengthen the reactivity of your nervous system—will fall away. They will no longer be interesting to you, or tenable. Either you will walk away, or they will walk away. But the waves of life—the gains and losses, the successes and failures, the heartbreaks—you can’t control. What does change, though, is the attempt to get rid of anything—the attempt to control or fix or deny the bare fact of your human experience.

The argument with life seems very important to us while we’re alive, but at death (and probably after death) the argument is no longer interesting to us and it comes to an end. The invitation offered here is to end that argument while you’re still alive—because what the heart really knows is that which was here before the argument ever started. A life lived as tenderness, a life lived as openness is the absolute fulfillment.

The heart is infinite—like a bottomless well. The heart can absorb and allow everything—including what you perceive as a grievance, as an attack, as an offense. The heart doesn’t reject anything; neither does it invest itself in anything. Everything can be thrown into that well, and in that tenderness it is purified. You don’t have to do anything with it—you don’t have to fix it, you don’t have to process it. That one simple action of turning toward tenderness is the end of the offense. Of course, there may be layers to the issue. There may be something inside or underneath what first came up—another layer of feeling, per- haps a sense of rejection or abandonment or despair. But if you take this one key of turning toward tenderness, your life will be turned inside out by the purity and transformative power of love.

The whole of your life from birth to death is an opportunity for this transformation. Many people struggle with seeking their life’s purpose—what direction to take in life, what to do or what to create or what to manifest in order to be truly fulfilled. The solution is simple, but commonly overlooked—your life’s purpose is for the love that you already are to infuse your human form and experience, to infuse the manifestation of you. Everything else is secondary. What you do in your life will naturally flow out of the love that has infused you. When you give yourself to love, the struggle and striving for finding your purpose falls away.

It’s a cleaning up of your act. As far as you know, you—as who you are in this form with this mind-body vehicle, with this personality, with this configuration of physiology and biology, with these circumstances that you have been born into, with this particular geometry that you call your life—only exist once. This specific lifetime cannot be repeated. And you—as this specific incarnation—are offered the chance to recognize the infinite openness in which your life arises and upon which the appearance of you utterly depends. Don’t miss this opportunity!

  • Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash


‘This book offers the “jewel” of Amoda Maa's teachings―how to be fully awake and fully human, open in a way that's the key to freedom and to what's most needed in our troubled times. Unlike having no boundaries, this openness transforms reactivity, ends separation, leads us to our true authority, and guides us with the intelligence of love.’

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