It is here. The collision of ancient timelines. Ancient cover-ups of our true sovereignty, ancient wars in the name of God, ancient veils of lies and deceits and corruptions and control. All that we have pretended to be and pretended to know and yet have remained in deep ignorance of our true nature and our true authority as guardians of love and guardians of all that is natural and whole and godly. It's all tumbling in, it's all crashing on the shores of the great now, the galactic black hole that ends the time-bound mind and opens the portal to the timeless. It sounds far-fetched, but it is here. Now.

And each of us is colliding within, coming up that raw edge where we are asked to trust that which is deeper than fear, that which is more true than appearances, that which is more real and intimate and light-filled than any picture that is painted by those to whom we've handed our authority. No movie is the real deal, it is simply entertainment and brainwashing for the mind that does not know its own source. It is time to wake up and realize our god-given wholeness. It is time for inner and outer division to end, once and for all. Or we will come to an ending of the human story, and we will have to start all over again. With each cycle, the momentous task of purifying ancient karma becomes more unreachable, buried underneath layers of forgetting, layers of the dream-spell.

The time is now, it cannot be more urgent. The time to stop giving in to fear, to dig deeper into goodness than ever before, to be grateful for the very life you are living, the very breath you are breathing, the very rhythm of existence pulsing through every cell and every moment. You may feel the collision inside, you may feel squashed or thwarted or confused ... and still you stand in the truth of your being-ness, the truth of your undeniable right to be fully here. This "right" is not given by any man, but only by the fact that you are alive and manifest as an expression of the one consciousness that animates it all.

It is here. And so are you. Now.