Many years ago — long before I set out on a spiritual path and long before I began the journey of inner inquiry and long before I had matured into the person I am today — I was spontaneously transported to a future world. Don’t ask me how I knew it was a future world, the knowing was simply irrefutable.

In this future world, there was an awareness — that’s all I could call it, as there seemed to be no “body” and no “me" as such — watching humanity. It was like sitting on a mountain top and yet it was very intimate with the scene unfolding. The scene was a humanity seemingly at crisis point, on the verge of destruction and collapse. While I could not see the exact details, it was a powerful felt-sense of a world falling apart and engulfed in flames.

The awareness watching this scene was aware of the tiniest movement within consciousness toward fear, and how this solidified the reality of a horrific world in its death-throes. And this awareness was also aware of an unshakeable stillness within consciousness, and how this allowed a deeper reality to reveal itself as the flames of destruction became shimmering light from which a new world of immense beauty and harmony arose. It was my choice whether I tightened into fear or remained open as stillness. It was my choice which world was brought into vision. It wasn’t a choice from my ego, but from the depth of my innermost. And in that moment, I knew there would be a splitting of the worlds and that humanity would choose — consciously or unconsciously — which world to see and which world to inhabit.

After that, I forgot all about this vision. I let go of all future dreams and gave myself to fully to meeting life in the unknown, to meeting life as the open presence of being.

And now, thirty years later, here we are. And the world is splitting. It’s splitting inside of us, in our own state of consciousness. And it’s splitting outside of us, in the world we see and experience. It’s a bifurcation point, a point of maximum pressure on the system that creates a fork in the road. One road is the timeline of fear when we turn away from our true sovereignty (in mind and body) and give allegiance to mass hysteria and hypnosis — this is where our life-force gets siphoned off and we succumb to mass control, we become unconscious automatons. The other road is the timeline of new possibilities when we have the courage to stay anchored in the truth of our innermost sanctity — this is where we rise as love in the face of all that is seemingly falling apart and we have the power to create a new world.

This love is a whole new dimension of consciousness, without blame and without reaction. This love is right action that moves from the absolute authority of an undivided state. This love is already shimmering in you. It’s waiting for your permission to reveal itself. It’s waiting for you to end the war within and take responsibility for your state of consciousness.

Don’t wait for the world to be perfect, don’t wait for someone to fix it, to make all the nasty things go away, to make it normal again. The time is now — it’s up to you. And me.

These are not idle words, these are not words to pacify or pull the new age wool over your eyes. These are not words to throw spiritual tru-isms onto the fire of horror. These are words to ignite the fire within, to harness your birthright of wholeness, to wipe away the lies from your eyes, and to bring a new vision to your life.

The time to wake up, is now.

  • Photo by Milo Milk on Unsplash