Someone asked today if I could speak about the difficulties experienced by a nondual person living in society ... it's a good question, but only if you are still identified with being "a person" and on top of that "a nondual person" (what exactly is that?!!).

Firstly, if you are experiencing a problem living "in society", then you are still experiencing a sense of a "separate me" ... in other words, a "me" that is in opposition to society's norms or beliefs or expectations. Yes, it is true that when you see beyond the box of familial and cultural conditioning you will initially feel different or isolated or misunderstood. But true awakening (or self-realization) is the end of all identity as a personhood ... you are not bothered by what others think or expect, you are totally free to be your authentic self and live from the deepest, beyond beliefs and beyond ideologies.


Secondly, if you are identified with being "a nondual person", then you are creating an image of yourself as someone who believes in nonduality as opposed to those who don't believe in it or don't have a clue what this means. But this has nothing to do with freedom! The true meaning of nondual realization is the clear seeing that all forms are temporal and only consciousness or aware presence is abiding. This frees you to meet all of life (and this includes every other manifestation of consciousness as a person or a thing) from being and not from thought. Being meets being and this is all there is!
As this being-ness, society is no longer a problem to you. All is one, all is love, all is as it is, and all is a wonderful leela!

Nonduality is not a belief or a philosophy or a mental position you can stand in. Nonduality is the end of all positions and beliefs, it is the end of separation because you can truly see that everything is born from consciousness and everything dies back into that.

So, my friend ... do not be concerned with society. Be only concerned with the willingness to die as a "person". Be free of all thought-based perceptions that obscure the purity and radiance of the One Heart.

Namaste! 🙏❤️