My friend, there is a bridge. It is within you, if only you could sense it. It is the bridge into a higher dimension. I say "higher" with a little caution, because in the absolute sense there is no "higher" or "lower" and getting caught up in this kind of duality simply feeds the divided self. But how else could I say it? It is in some ways a higher dimension, because it is not of the "small self", the "self-centered" self, the self that is rooted in a sense of a separate "me". It is a higher dimension because it an open field of consciousness, we could call it the light of being. It is a space within you that is infinite openness and as this infinity you are love itself. Entering this dimension changes everything, from the inside out.

My friend, there is a bridge. It is a new world arising from the ashes of the old. First the chaos, then the renewal. First the breakdown, then the breakthrough. If you stay on this side of the bridge, the familiar, the known, the side that is ossified by layers of opinions and beliefs accumulated over thousands of years (or more), then you will never step across into the freshness of the unknown and there will be no rebirth. The bridge is the way through. But you must be fearless even in the face of fear.

My friend, there is a bridge. It is here in this vehicle that has lain down before the great mystery in the "not knowing" and allowed destiny to unfold unimpeded and uninterpreted. The bridge is simply this open heart given in service to what is being birthed in every moment, arising from the unseen into seen and mostly unrecognized by those who know nothing about bridges into new dimensions.

The bridge is here ... in you, in me, in each of us. It is time to open our eyes and take one step at a time across to a new world.