The more spiritual you think you are, the more ruthlessly honest you need to be. This includes the story of your life and all the raw feelings and turbulent or confusing emotions contained within it.

There’s a tendency in some spiritual seekers to deny their story. While believing that your story is who you really are is insanity, denying your story is ludicrous. Your story is an inevitable part of how you experience life today, a part of your body-mind vehicle
and its expression.

The willingness to embrace personal truth in the search for absolute truth is a necessary component of the authentic embodiment of awakened consciousness. This doesn’t mean you should blame yourself or your family. Nor does it mean blaming life or God for what appears to hurt. It does mean, however, fully acknowledging and meeting that which hurts.


Unfortunately, many people who have glimpsed the unattainability of unconditioned awareness continue to resist this meeting place, as if the messiness of personal truth somehow tarnishes the pristine clarity of absolute truth. And yet, the luminous truth of awakeness cannot be fully integrated into human life if the layers of personal truth are not fully welcomed in all their horror and agony. At some point, the willingness to stop running away from what hurts and to face whatever is appearing in life becomes of the utmost priority.

The commitment to telling the truth is like a missile that seeks out everything that has been hiding in the shadows; but unlike a missile, it doesn’t destroy. It does something far more powerful: it transmutes.

The sincere search for truth — a search that includes everything in its path and leaves nothing in its slipstream — lights a fire that calls everything home to its true nature. It’s only in the glaring spotlight of radiant awareness that the layers of hurt
can be purified.

And in this fire of truth, they are given the opportunity to return to their original state as love — innocent and free.

  • photo by Marika Vinkmann on Unsplash