My friend … at which point did you give away your sovereignty?

Was it when you believed your parents’ scolding that you were not good enough or clever enough or lovable enough, or when you believed your schoolteachers’ threats that you would fail in life if you didn’t strive to memorize by rote all those facts and figures or if you didn’t compete in the race to the top?

Was it when you stopped listening to the wild drumbeat of your soul, and turned your ear toward the monotone promise of long-term security and comfort?

Was it when you stopped seeing beauty in the trees and poetry in your tears, and were blinded by the force-feeding of the daily “news”?

Or was it when you forgot that your body is a self-healing intelligent organism, that you’re interconnected with a vast benevolent web of life, and that your true immunity is already within you as your innate birthright?

My friend … have you have succumbed to fear, believing that there’s an external authority that has a right to tell you how to breathe, how to interact with your fellow humans, how to live your life? Have you held out your hand begging for man-made medicine to protect you from death, when all it’s doing is suffocating your cells and numbing your mind?

My friend, go within and remember who you are … remember your divinity, your wholeness, your integrity.

Remember you are created from the one consciousness — the one source, the one being-ness — that is life itself.

Remember your goodness and your wildness.

Remember your true inner authority … your majesty and dignity.

Remember that no-one and no-thing can take this away from you … this is sovereignty 101!

– Amoda Maa

(image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay)

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