If you are present and open during the end of relationship, when sadness, regret, doubt, confusion, and fear threaten to engulf you, and the other is angry, resentful, rejected, or helpless, you are likely to move into an inner dimension of the unconditional heart.

In this place there is the recognition that the relationship may end but that love never ends. Love cannot leave you, because it is indivisible from your true nature, and so it will continue to flow through your life. This may be through another partner who is able to meet you in truth, a friendship or family relationship that is renewed by your tender openness, or a spiritual teacher that reflects the clarity of your inner radiance. Or it may be through a creative project or a humanitarian cause that you devote yourself to, or simply through your heart as an ineffable joy that becomes the backdrop to your life. If you remain utterly conscious within this inner dimension, you are likely to recognize your true self as love.


When your true self is realized and embodied as love, the need to find wholeness through another totally falls away. When every cell of your being has remembered itself as the essential wholeness of love, the totality of existence fulfills you. With nothing more to gain, acquire, or look for, everything comes to rest in a deep silence that it totally fulfilled. Forms (a person, an animal, a project, or a work of art) may (or may not) continue to appear in your life, because it is the nature of form to appear and disappear. This is the play of existence, yet all forms that appear in your experience are innately recognized as arising out of, and returning to, the silence of being.

If someone appears in your life, and they too have recognized and embodied (or at least are on the journey of embodiment) a deeper dimension of being, a new paradigm is born: an enlightened and authentically awakened relationship.

~ Amoda Maa (from the book, "Embodied Enlightenment")