Only eyes that see the Beloved can see truth.

Mostly, in the conventional paradigm, eyes are narrow-focussed, object-focussed, landing on the boundaried-nature of things. In this way, we see differences, we see contrast, we see division, we see opposition. This is the myopia of the matrix. It keeps us caught up in the web of illusion that expresses itself as opinion and argument and the duality of "me" and "other".

Eyes that have stopped being turned out towards things, eyes that have turned inwards to rest in consciousness, eyes that are soft-focussed and open, see beyond boundary to the wholeness of things. Eyes that rest in consciousness are no longer myopic portals for the separate "me-self", but have merged into the totality of being. It is a merging of self into life, a merging of self into the Beloved.

What is this Beloved? Well, it is everything ... when we see clearly, from the vastness of being and into the vastness of being. The Beloved is neither a thing nor a person nor an entity. The Beloved is the frequency field of love that is the source of everything that we experience ... if only we had eyes to see.


This clear-seeing comes not from mind-based beliefs or knowledge, but from the absence of the overlay of beliefs on what we see. It is perception without interference and without interpretation. It is love seeing love. It sees into the depth of things, it sees beneath and beyond surface appearances and surface narratives. It penetrates and bursts the bubble of robotic thinking that characterizes most of humanity.

Only the self that knows itself as the unconditioned openness of awareness can know the truth of love. Not a love that divides into subject and object, but love that is the infinite openness of being. And this infinity is reflected in the eyes. The eyes of love have no veil, no blinders of thought, no prison of defended self. The eyes of love are the Beloved looking at itself, through you and through me and through all that there is.

My friend, practice a soft gaze on things. Let your seeing be less tight, less pincer-like, less restless. Let your eyes be still, and in this stillness your vision will come to rest in the openness of consciousness instead of the closed-ness of objects and thoughts.

My friend, let your vision fall open into the truth of being, and you will see the truth. You will never be manipulated again, not by any person nor by any society nor by any information that claims to be true nor by your own thoughts.

My friend, wipe your eyes clean ... and you will know freedom.
Amoda Maa

(image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay)