Spiritual seekers frequently report that after the light of awakeness has revealed itself, they feel even more disconnected from family, friends, coworkers, and from most of the human population. It’s a common experience to wake up out of the dream of separation and feel as if you are the only one who is no longer sleepwalking. This sense of being different from everyone else reveals a deeper aloneness.

To transform the desolate story of loneliness into the truth of what lies inside the story requires you to go very deep and to open very wide. It’s a request for communion. Communion is more than a connection or meeting with someone or with something. It’s an immeasurable embrace in which all residue of separation evaporates. In order to commune - whether it be with your lover, your beloved cat, the grand old oak tree in the park, the night sky, or with God - there must be no labeling of your experience (“my loneliness,” “my misery,” or “my tragedy”).

Loneliness is an invitation to deeply relax, to commune with that which you have spent a lifetime trying to cover over with mental and emotional contortions. It’s an invitation to sit inside the desolation without flinching or tightening and to allow the darkness to embrace you. And even though it may seem that this darkness is something outside of you, something you can choose to sit inside, it is, in fact, sitting inside you. It is you as the primordial void of beingness that exists prior to your birth into form.

Relaxation means you fall into this void. And, in doing so, you fall in love with yourself. It is a communion with your aloneness. And in this merging with the void, you may discover that aloneness is actually all-one-ness. You are never - and never have been - separate from anything at all.