It used to be that we searched for the ultimate truth — an absolute knowing that radically changed our perspective of life. It used to be that we were spiritual seekers, looking in the unseen places for something ungraspable yet so covetable. It used to be that we glimpsed the truth in deep meditation and then lost that view when we re-entered the matrix of everyday life. It used to be that truth was “out there” somewhere in the cosmos waiting for us to arrive at its holy feet, and in that waiting we were as yet incomplete.

But times have changed — and now we need to live the truth and not seek the truth. Now, we need to stop looking up ahead, stop searching for the holy grail, stop running away from the bare bones of our experience “right here”. Now, we are called to turn our allegiance away from collective narratives, to turn our allegiance away from false idols, to turn our allegiance towards that which is true as the aliveness inherent in every breath, in every heartbeat, in every flicker of an eyelid.

Truth is here — in our very essence — when we are absolutely still in our minds and absolutely intimate with our breath. Truth is here — in our every cell — when we stop and listen to the intelligence of life which weaves everything. Truth is here — in our very being — when we trust that life is a harmonious wholeness that adapts and evolves in infinite ways beyond the limited knowledge of ego-mind.


Times have changed — and the question of how we can live the deepest truth is no longer a spiritual issue, but a human issue. Truth is neither fact, nor opinion or belief. Truth is deeper than any narrative, more unchanging than any politically-correct idea, more alive than any stance we can take. Truth is in our blood, in our bones, in our very DNA.

Let us listen to the inner authority of our humanity, the genetic coding we were born into, the divine right of every one of us to know ourselves as whole and wholesome. Let us worship only the light of being, and let us no longer hand over authority to external forces created by collective unconsciousness.

We are each players in a cosmic pantomime — and it is time to turn away from the drama, it is time to stop being entranced by entertainment. It is time to shed all cover-ups, all costumes, all masks — and stand up as open hearts and open minds. And meet ourselves and each other in the kindness of deep listening and a connection that was never broken.

- Amoda Maa

(image by Comfreak from Pixabay)