Grace is the movement of life when it flows through you, unimpeded by you. In this openness, everything is given to you — birth and death, gain and loss, pain and pleasure — all of it moves through you gracefully.

In moving through the open vessel of an undefended self — a self in which the rigid shell of resistance and self-righteousness and erroneous self-beliefs about being abandoned or rejected or punished by life, has fallen away — all of it is experienced as the exquisite richness of life.

Both agony and ecstasy are exquisitely rich. Consider this — whatever you experience is never to be repeated. Each moment (if we could dissect the eternal moment into moments) is never repeated. Contemplate this, feel this — let it sink in. It is never repeated! Every time you reject an experience and deny it by saying, “This is not good enough, this shouldn’t have happened,” you reject the gift of that moment. It is never going to be repeated — you have missed it, just by waiting for the perfect moment. This is a siphoning away of aliveness.

By truly cherishing each moment — not by possessing it or owning it or making it special so that you can feel special about yourself but by just being with it, by holding it lightly, by meeting it all the way, by honoring its very existence in this moment — it can flow through you.

Whether there are mountains or vales, whether you walk through the valley of darkness or fly through the heavens of light, it’s all grace — all of it.

From Amoda’s recent book "Falling Open in a World Falling Apart"

(image by Peter H from Pixabay)

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