It comes in waves, this grief in many forms. The loss, the uncertainty, the anger, the regret. It's not overwhelming, unless you believe it. It's not destructive, unless you believe it to be who you are. It's not a drowning place, unless you give up and forget the light of your true nature.

It's here like a ripple in the understream, like a whisper in sky, like a flicker in the eye of God. It's here because everything comes and goes, and because it needs to be seen and felt and let go of. Well, actually you do not need to let it go ... you can't, it's not how it works. It will let go of itself, when it's fully allowed without rejection or judgment. It will let go of you, when you abide in forgiveness ... just letting it be.

It comes in waves, this life. It is not for you to control or fix, but it is for you to be unconditional. This is the beauty and the grace. This is the freedom to be with what is. The waves, these are not you. They are simply the waves of life, endlessly moving in eternity. You are that eternity. Let it be.

(image by Pexels from Pixabay)