I was recently asked … “Is the world really falling apart, or is it just restructuring itself?”

My response … It is, primarily, the inner world I’m talking about, the world of beliefs, opinions, hopes, expectations, and needs. In other words, the inner world we construct to make ourselves feel secure or comfortable or loved or powerful or competent so that we can know our position, so we can say “this is who I am”. But this inner world becomes the prison of ego-self, a tight shell of identity that colors the outer world we experience.

At some point, this world will be threatened … perhaps by a circumstance that shocks us or a loss that devastates us or by the opposition to our much-cherished beliefs and opinions and dreams of the future. At some point, everything we were so certain about will be challenged … because the nature of life is change. Everything is born and everything dies, everything rises and everything falls. What can be gained, can also be lost. What can grow, can also decay. At some point, we yearn to meet life from a deeper place than surface appearances. At some point, we yearn to know ourselves more deeply, to know that which is more true than our thoughts.

Freedom begins when the cracks in our inner world appear. When it dawns on us that every belief, opinion, hope, expectation and need is built on shifting sands. When the psychological structures that uphold a self-identity based on inherited beliefs are seen as a cover-up of our innermost truth. When the knot of ego starts to untangle itself, because holding it together is exhausting and futile.

When our inner world starts falling apart — often triggered or amplified by the outer world seeming to fall apart — we can finally meet life from the unknown. In meeting life from the unknown, the mind can gently bounce back from its grip on reality and fall into its true home as being-ness. It’s a willingness to meet reality without an argument, without resistance, without grasping for certainty. It’s the willingness to fall — moment to moment — into silent awareness.

The world — inner and outer — is always falling apart. Every thought is like a drop of rain falling into the ocean, every breath is a fleeting whisper … life is a temporal blooming. Meeting life from an open-ended unknownness, from the soft touch of openness, from a dimension of inner silence, means we can really listen to what is more true than the conditioned ego-mind. We can listen to the aliveness of our being-ness, a being-ness that never abandons or rejects us, that is ever-present in all circumstances. We can listen to a deeper intelligence that informs life beyond its vicissitudes, like a slipstream of goodness that is always here. We can listen to our innermost truth … because only the truth will set us free.

So, my friend, do not be concerned with whether the world will restructure itself, do not give your energy to holding on or trying to control the future. This is your time to enter a higher frequency of consciousness, to let yourself fall open … because only out of openness can a new you and a new world be born.

My friend, this is your time.

  • Amoda Maa

  • Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


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