Opening to present-moment experience, when conducted with the conscious surrender of a wave-surfer, leads you into the nakedness of absolute reality.

It’s a vertical investigation (a movement of consciousness as it moves away from linear thinking) into the nature of thinking and feeling that reveals the truth that all thoughts, feelings, and sensations are temporary. Much as you try, you cannot hold on to them, control them, or even stop them. Each day, each hour, and each minute is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

If you take a pause and bring your attention gently into the present moment, you may notice that every thought, feeling, and sensation rises and falls, just like a wave on the ocean. And if you are very still and silent inside, you may notice the space in between all the waves.

Awakening is the discovery of that which is still here and unchanging even when thoughts and feelings change.