Mar 8 • 1HR 5M

Episode 37: Art, Stillness and Awakened Consciousness (with David Ellzey)

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Insightful and intimate conversations with spiritual teacher and author Amoda Maa about her essential teaching of embodied enlightenment and her life. Please subscribe if you would like to be notified whenever new episodes are released. To find out more about Amoda's teaching, events, and publications, please visit - Music by Kavi Jezzie Hockaday
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In this episode, Amoda Maa is in conversation with David Ellzey to explore the relationship between the spiritual path and expression from a place of inner stillness. In particular, they touch on questions such as how does expression in the world flow differently from awakened consciousness, what happens to the “doer”, and is the living of life itself an art form. The conversation is facilitated by Kavi. 

About David Ellzey: David is an author, coach, public speaker, and mime artist. He is steeped in the nondual realization that permeates all his work. 


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