Can we meet beyond division? Can we meet each other beyond belief, beyond opinion, beyond the choices we make in our lives? This is the deeper call of our times.

In a world of increasing division, a world in which stances are taken, opinions are worshipped, enemies are out there to be fought and vanquished, and "who I am" is more about "what I believe" than about our true nature beyond belief, we are coming to a bifurcation point.

The deeper purpose of our times is to invite, cajole, and even force us to go beyond all need, desire, and attempt to make ourselves "right" and the others "wrong". It's a potent invitation from existence to meet each other in the deepest acceptance, to let each other be and let each other follow their own inner authority and make their own choices and believe whatever they want to believe. It is not our right to tell others what they should do or say or think or feel. It is a god-given right to make up our own minds and follow our own inner calling and live according to our own rhythm.

It is time to meet in the field of unconditionality, gentleness, and kindness to all. It is time to go beyond inner and outer division. It is a challenge for most, as we are trained to see differences, to see separation, to see opposition, and to find some kind of security or identity in the position we take.

But there is great freedom and great love in letting it all fall away, and standing nakedly open and yet unshakably present on groundless ground. And there is a truth that is beyond surface appearances, a truth that is one unified field of consciousness from which all appearances arise. Can we meet here in this vast openness, this infinite stillness, untainted by the flapping about the peripheral personhood?

Enough, my friend, of the divided state. Enough of the coercing and bullying and ostracizing of others who do not live their lives and make the same choices and hold the same beliefs as you. Let us let each other be. Let us let each other be free. Let us know that nothing matters more than the unconditionality of forgiveness. And forgiveness is simply a letting be.