The world is breaking, down or open, or both. We stand at a major bifurcation point, like never before seen in our human story. It is an inner and outer breaking point, a point of maximum stress (for that is what "bifurcation point" actually means). A point when we the "system" (whichever system we're talking about, it could be a physical thing like a piece of metal or a psychological thing like the ego-mind or a biological thing like a cellular organism or a collective thing like a species) is under severe pressure to evolve.

But this evolution is not guaranteed. The system could totally break down and devolve. It could collapse into insanity or chaos. It could fall into further unconsciousness, fear and hysteria. It could only barely survive. Or it could start the process of breakdown and at the critical point break through to a new level.

Each of us holds this bifurcation point within. And each of us is called to listen from a deeper place to what is demanded by the reflection of the outer world. Do we continue to operate from a divided state, a state of fear and panic and noisy narratives that lock us into armored perspectives and narrow pedestals? Or do we open so wide that we can hold the totality of the mess, the loss, the grief, the horror and the agony in that openness, and then remain as this openness come what may? Can we truly take up the invitation for an inner revolution of consciousness?

Today, my heart weeps for those whose lives are torn apart by ruthless acts that strip them of true sovereignty. Today, a well of sorrow for the insanity that floods humanity and keeps on coming. Today, a whisper of light on the horizon of darkness as the potential for transformation and evolution beckons.

May we each rise up in our deep hearts and remember who we really are. And live as that, in the face of all that comes.