We are in the midst of a great awakening. This awakening is not necessarily easy, it's not a side-dish we add to our lives to make ourselves more comfortable. It's an awakening that calls us to the edge of who we think we are and challenges all our habitual responses to life.

It's easier to turn away from this edge and stay in the comfort zone of our own limitation. But the invitation is for you to stop running away and instead turn around and face this edge with an unadulterated 'yes'.

Out of this 'yes', a new you will be born, a you that lives an authentically awakened life in which your actions are aligned with your true divine nature. And out of this new you, a new world will be born. It is unlikely that this world will be created overnight, as many New Age teachings propose. It is more likely to be built brick by brick—metaphorically and literally—as increasing numbers of people embody awakened consciousness.

As old-world structures become obsolete and die and are replaced by social, cultural, political, and economic structures that reflect the highest expression of human potential, there’s a high probability of great upheaval. Certainly, birth - whether it's the birth of a child or the birth of a new paradigm of consciousness - is messy and there is no guarantee of the outcome. But it’s also inevitable. Once the contractions have begun, there is no going back.

With the possibility of the birth of a new world, it’s also very possible that life as we know it completely destroys itself. Perhaps the quantum leap into a higher order necessitates the end of the current structures created within an old paradigm of consciousness. Perhaps humanity has to be totally obliterated before something new is born, like a phoenix from the ashes. There is no way to absolutely know. Although you are invited to collaborate with the evolution of consciousness, it’s not about clinging to the hope of salvation. It’s about being willing to open to the deepest truth of who you are, to live a radically awakened life ... even if it means the end of “you” as who you think you are, and the end of “the world” as you believe it to be.

Despite the unknown and unforeseen challenges, are you willing to say 'yes'? Are you willing to wholeheartedly embrace the possibility that this is the most exciting time to be alive? And that your awakening is the sole purpose of your life?

- Amoda Maa
(an edited version of the Intro to my book "Embodied Enlightenment", 2017)

(photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash)